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Animal Trapping: Canton, MI

Do You Need Help with Animal Trapping in Your Wayne County, MI Home or Property?

We operate with morals and believe that animals should only be trapped using live traps. When we do capture an animal, we relocate them to an area where they will not bother our customers anymore. We know what is legally allowed to be trapped as well as the best and most humane ways to go about it.

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There is More to Consider When Trying to Live Trap an Animal Than You May Think

Live trapping is not just about putting a cage out and waiting for the animal to go into it. We first evaluate where the best placement will be to effectively capture the animal that is giving you issues. After listening to what pain points drove you to contact us, we will survey the property and place the trap close to the area in which they cause the most trouble for you. Next, we identify what type of bait makes the most sense to lure the pesky animal into the trap. Depending on what kind of animal you are trying to get rid of, the bait will vary. Skunks prefer fishy snacks or even cat food, while squirrels and chipmunks will be caught easily with nuts, popcorn, or even cereal as bait. We ensure that the right bait is properly placed in the trap so there is enough room for the entire animal to be in the trap before it closes. We ask that you check the trap at least once a day so that you can notify us once an animal is captured and we can come to relocate it. 

Get Help with Live Trapping
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Security Pest Control is the Help You Can Rely on for Your Animal Trapping Needs

Since 1997, we have helped families and businesses get rid of pests and animals that bother them. Our clients know us as the friendly neighborhood exterminators that have the experience necessary to handle your pest problems quickly and effectively. For more information about live trapping, or to discover how we can make your life a lot easier, please contact us. Our team will be happy to help you.

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